Jul 19 • 56M

Akhil Amar Talks Liberal Originalism

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Advisory Opinions is a new podcast from The Dispatch. Hosts David French and Sarah Isgur have a weekly conversation about the law, culture, and why it matters.
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Sarah and David kick off the week with an exciting discussion of liberal constitutional originalism with Akhil Amar, author of The Words That Made Us: America’s Constitutional Conversation, and constitutional law professor at Yale University. Our guest gives a dynamic perspective of the decision in Roe v. Wade, as well as dives into the nitty-gritty of the varying modes of constitutional interpretation. Who gets to decide what the common good is? Are philosophers really as smart as they think they are?

Show Notes:

-The Words That Made Us: America’s Constitutional Conversation

-Amarica’s Constitution

-Eradicating Bush-League Arguments Root and Branch: The Article III Independent-State-Legislature Notion and Related Rubbish

-Time: Why Liberal Justices Need to Start Thinking Like Conservatives

-New York Times: The Constitution Is More Than a Document—It’s a Conversation